HDR Photographer

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it creates photos with incredible detail and clarity. For real estate photography in South Florida or the Caribbean, there’s really no better way to capture interior photos, especially in rooms with large windows or glass sliders. The effect is dramatic and the resulting image is closer to what the human eye sees.

Here’s how it works. For an HDR photo, we take a minimum of three photos (often more) of the same scene, each at a different shutter speed, also known as exposure bracketing. We then end up with a bright, medium and dark photo of the scene.

Next, we use editing software to artfully blend and align the three photos. It’s a labor-intensive technique we’re proud to say we’ve mastered. The result? Exquisite detail is revealed in both the shadows and especially the highlights like windows. The final image is ultra-sharp with every minute feature crisp and visible. And you won’t have that washed-out, over-exposed look of windows that you so commonly see with amateur photography.

Because we feel so strongly that HDR photography is the right choice for real estate photography, we don’t charge extra for it. It’s included in all of our standard packages, even though it’s a lot more work for us!

Objective of HDR Photography

For selling real estate in sunny Miami-Dade, Ft. Lauderdale and surrounding areas, there’s no better way to showcase your properties than with HDR photography.

Your photos will stand out in MLS with brilliant clarity and professionalism. HDR images simply cannot be compared with plain photos, especially those taken with a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera. Yes, they’re that much better!

Realtors, be sure to let sellers know you offer HDR photography as part of your marketing package!


HDR photography makes colors and detail pop. They’re the perfect medium for real estate listing photos. They also have value for use in brochures and on websites. Or, if you want to create an exceptional image to enlarge, frame and display of a home or resort, HDR is your best friend.


HDR photography balances interior spaces with exterior views. It allows you to properly expose for windows and sliding glass doors so you can see through them out to a pool or beautiful landscaping, which is especially important for properties located in Florida and the Caribbean.

Realtors, could HDR photography help you get more listings and attract more buyers? We don’t charge extra for HDR, even though it’s a lot more work for us!

Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate on HDR photography of your Dade, Broward or Palm Beach county property.

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