Construction Photographer

We photograph residential, commercial and industrial construction projects throughout Florida, the Caribbean and worldwide. With a passion for storytelling, our photos help interpret the built environment, capturing the architecture, the grounds and interior design work.

We are comfortable in navigating a construction jobsite safely while taking steady, high-quality photos that capture your project’s key features. We often photograph construction images in HDR (high dynamic range), which offers spectacular clarity. We can also do aerials to get photos of the entire structure in relation to its surroundings and time-lapse photography to show a project’s evolution from ground-breaking to ribbon-cutting.

Objective of construction photography

Construction photos have multiple uses. They document progress, showcase the construction company’s abilities and serve as evidence should any liability issues arise.


Construction and engineering companies use our photos for documentation, sell sheets, promotions and proposals. Our professional images keep their clients updated on their project’s construction status as well as help them secure future construction business.


How a structure comes to be is a compelling story best told in pictures. Let prospective clients see your superior construction workmanship through professional photos and relish the feelings of achievement when viewing all that went into completing your project.

Document your progress on your residential, commercial or industrial construction project in Miami-Dade, Ft. Lauderdale or Palm Beach. We cover all of Florida and the Caribbean!

Contact us today for a free estimate on professional quality images.

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